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Chimney Sweeping & Stove servicing

We all know an important part of owning a stove or an open fire is the servicing and maintaining just like a gas boiler. Many stories appear each year in the news of house fires caused by home owners using their appliance without regular sweeping resulting in chimney fires caused by birds nesting, or a build up of tar/creosote. Carbon monoxide poisoning can also result from a blocked chimney or inefficient stove due to soot build up over the burning period, resulting in dangerous gases coming back into your room. Your home insurance will also be void in the unfortunate event of a chimney fire if you cannot provide evidence of an up to date sweep certificate.   

We provide an annual stove flue or open fire chimney sweeping service to maintain your appliance, all carried out by a professional chimney sweep and Hetas engineer. Dust sheets are put down in the room and a high powered vacuum cleaner with a three stage filtration system is used to ensure the air in your room remains safe and you are left with a clean room just like we found it.

As part of each sweep we give your appliance a complete check over and notify you of any parts which may need replacing such as fire bricks/throat plates/door rope seals etc. Upon completion your appliance is smoke tested and a certificate is issued by our sweep.


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